John B. Levy & Company is pleased to announce it’s been awarded a $50 million equity allocation to be deployed into 2024 CRE transactions. The allocation is funded by a Fortune 500 insurance company, with whomJBLco has closed on numerous transactions in the past few years.  Additionally, JBLco will be investing its own proprietary capital in these deals, solidifying the relationships between sponsors and the investor. 


JBLco is now actively seeking deals for the deployment of the allocation.

·   Structure: Equity or equity-like positions (Co-GP, LP, JV, preferred equity, mezzanine debt, etc.)

·   Deal Type: Acquisition, re-capitalization, or ground-up

·   Check Size: $5 - $25M

·   Deal Location: Mid-Atlantic and Southeast

·   Time Horizon: 3-7 years

·   Asset Class: All


Complex times call for creative solutions.  


Contact us today to discuss how our equity allocation could be a good fit for your deal.


Sandler  Passman, 804-500-9033,  

John  Levy, 804-500-9025,

Lisa  Frydenborg, 804-500-9027,

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